Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wonderful Walworth day, 16th July

The Wonderful Walworth day was organised fairly swiftly over the last few weeks, mainly by Kathleen, who also runs the gardening club, with help from various others who all chipped in to make it a great day despite the heavy rain which put paid to the barbecue. My own contribution was the Wonderful Walworth booklet, which can be downloaded from the website
The day included performances upstairs from, among others, Music For Life, the Afro-Columbian band who practice at Pembroke House, the Youth Club’s street dancers and pupils from Surrey Square School. Downstairs were some stalls and I met some great people from the local area.
Our stall included lots of info about Tate as well as my project at Pembroke. I spent the day asking people for their ‘secret Walworth tips’ as well as trying to sign groups up to the Gift Exchange. Also Eleanor Shipman, who I had met the previous week, collected local recipes from passersby. Upstairs Eileen Perrier was taking beautiful black and white photographic portraits of Pembroke staff and others. We were in the same year at college years ago and although we didn’t really know each other it was nice to cross paths again.

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