Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lunch club- objects and Miriam’s last day 14th July

Leading on from our visit to Lamia Joreige‘s work at Tate Modern last week, I invited the Lunch Club to bring ‘objects that connect to a story’ along to today’s lunch, which also happens to be Miriam’s last day leading the club.

The Lunch Clubbers brought in a whole range of objects, including photograph albums, tape recordings, jewellery, postcards, hand made shoes, and more. What I really like about the people who go to the Lunch Club is that they don’t seem phased by being asked to do unusual things, and always seem willing to take part.

I photographed all the objects and recorded the club telling their stories, with a view to eventually including the texts and images in the newsletter. Hopefully I will be inviting other groups to undertake the same task and through this show the diverse ages and backgrounds of the people who come to Pembroke.

Miriam then led her last Bingo game, and there were a few tears as she is leaving Pembroke House to go back to Cambridge. The group seem to have a few of their own bingo calls, including a shout of “soixante-neuf!” whenever 69 is called, and “Was she worth it?” for 75. I’m not sure I’ve heard these ones before, but maybe I just haven’t played enough Bingo.

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