Thursday, 4 August 2011


I’m delighted to be working at Pembroke House in Walworth this year, for Tate Modern’s Community and Regeneration team. I’m going to be producing the next issue of the newsletter Tate Modern and You, which is usually distributed in the area nearest to the Tate, but this time is extending its area to Walworth as well. The newsletter will contain material made by, with and about the people in and around Pembroke House.
Pembroke House comprises a modern community space connected to St Christopher’s Church. It was set up in 1885 as a centre for social action by Pembroke College Cambridge. Today there are a range of community groups that use the space, from Latin American musicians to an older people’s Lunch Club, from youth groups to a community gardening project, and lots more.
I’m a bit late starting this blog, so I’m going to be catching up with myself on past events at Pembroke House before writing it more regularly.

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